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Instagram Marketing Tips

The following are some things you need to keep in mind when you’re looking to market your business on Instagram.

You want to make sure that you sign up by using your brand name as your username. You also want to make sure that you at a profile picture as well as put information concerning your business at a link to your website in your profile. You also want to put a link to your other social media accounts such as Facebook and twitter in your profile.

As soon as you have your account setup you’re all ready to begin to create a presence on Instagram. Keep the following tips in mind when you’re ready to market your business.

You want to make sure that you’re sharing interesting and useful content. Anyone that has done any kind of marketing before or has done any work in building an online presence knows that it all starts with solid content. You should never be afraid to experiment with the photos that you post on Instagram. Make sure you ask for feedback from your followers to find out what they like the most and what they dislike.

Make sure you make use of hashtags in order to find more followers ensure your photographs. When you’re using hashtags you need to make sure you’re being specific as this will help you find like-minded individuals who will be more of them likely interested in what you have to offer. For example instead of saying #car say #chevy. You want to be able to attempt to engage the people who are most likely to be interested in your product for services. Make sure you look and see what other businesses are doing with in your particular niche as they may have ideas that may not have occurred to you.

Make sure that you’re sharing your photos and other social media sites. Instagram and makes it easy to be able to share photos on other sites such as Facebook and twitter. Hopefully wants users see your photos they will go to your site for begin to follow you and what you’re doing on Instagram.

You need to be sure that your stories are being told the way you want them to with your photographs. You want to be authentic and post photographs that are meaningful and will tell a story concerning the product for services that you have to offer. Also make sure that you’re consistent while being sure you’re not over-saturating your posts. You want to make sure you’re posting consistently but not over posting.

Not ranking in google?

It seems that this blog is out of date in terms of SEO. It has been inactive in years that google even couldn’t recognize it. Yes, as of the moment, it’s not ranking in google in the previous post. It’s quite weird that the search engine catches the tag url instead of the post url.

Search engine optimization has changed at a distance from heaven to earth in the last five years. There’s no more blueprint that an optimizer can say effective because of the recent algorithm changes. Thus, thousands of publishers are wondering if they can keep up with the google search.

Not ranking in google? To make money online, this blog must be ranking in the first 10 google results. It’s hard nowadays to be ranking high because the usual techniques that I used to implement are outdated. Not ranking in google? Then what should I do?

This is the start of my journey to once again explore the SEO World. I got to rank high in google.

How To Make Money Online For Free

Making money online for free? Is it possible? There’s no magic in making money online but it is absolutely possible. Thousands of people have learned ways on how to make money online and some decided to make it a career. Because they found the secret of making money without spending a dime, they concentrated and polished their skills on the matter.

Because it’s free, then there’s no risk at all. Many people even spent a lot of money just to find out in the end that they were not making money online. They were captivated by the promises of quick (ROI) Return of Investment offered by some websites that they can make money through their schemes. Some have stopped dreaming about taking time to consider the thoughts of making money through the internet because of bad experiences.

In making money online, it is not an easy to get rich scheme that in just a day or month you gonna be a millionaire. Even Rome was not built in a day. It takes a process of time to learn how to make money online for free.

Many I know that they started in a meager way but after three years they are making thousands of dollars a month. Some even resigned to their jobs just to pave the way for their online journeys that’s worth interesting. Yes, because their online income already succumbed their monthly salaries, they decided to focus on making money online.

Here are five ways to make money online free.

1. Blogging – This is the basic way of making money online. All you have to do is to set up a blog in a free hosting platform like,,, and etc… Without spending money you have set your own blog in which there are many avenues to make money online free. After opening a blog, then you can add use advertisement platform like Adsense, or even Chitika to generate money.

Making money through blogging can go beyond what a person expects. This is the biggest possible way to make money online. With contents written to attract visitors who will read, the publisher or owner of the blog makes money through those ads. Also, the publisher can sell advertising space through the pages of the blog.

If the blog is well maintained and refreshed each day, then it can capture the readers hearts. This will be the pathway to more income as many readers visits the blog.

2. Content writing – You can make money online free through writing articles. This is a market that will exist even 10 years from now. If you have the passion in writing articles, then you can make money online. How to make money through writing?

There are plenty of websites in which you can join to find for those who are looking or hiring for writers. You can try or as starting point. Or you can join forums in which the members look for writers with the specific niches. Once you are hired or they give you a topic to work, then you have started to make money for free.

Be prepared to open a paypal account so that you can receive the payment.

3. Domain Flipping – With the exception of being free because it needs a capital to buy domain names. A winnable situation in which a person has to buy a domain then after retouching it to make it better, he sells it to a higher price. A buy and sell style but this is about domain names. Buying top level domains (TLD) or brandable domains will be the priority. Also, there are those dropped domains which can be bought at a lower prices then sell it at higher prices.

This is not really a complicated process and it takes just few readings on how to push domains to the buyer through domain hosting. Domain flipping will not go away because there are many newcomers in building their websites who need domain names.

There are plenty of ways in making money online for free but the three mentioned above are worth trying for. Once you mastered one of those three, then you will not be left off without money from your online job.

Some April Thoughts in different world but more on sports

I am just excited to have a simple post again. Being engrossed by what’s happening in North and South Korea, it seems that I find a way to write. A Korean will mean chaos in the world. Of course the United State will always be a part of the war as it continually bringing its military power in the region. China and Russia will always have to side with their friend North Korea.

In sports, Tiger Woods is just 3 shots behind the leader Jason Day in the US Masters that is being held in Augusta, Georgia. Woods is expected to win this title but the rest of the field is ready to win also.

A weird post from this bloggers on watch donaire vs rigondeaux live philippines. What a day for the Donaire fans in that country.

How about the Los Angles Lakers playing against the Warriors while Utah Jazz face Minnesota Timberwolves. Lakers need to win the remaining three games to be in the playoffs. Thus, the Jazz cleaning the rest of the schedule will bear nothing if the Lakers win it all.

Two teams in separate games with destiny to be determined. Who will be in the playoffs, Lakers or Jazz? will Tiger Woods end up winning?