Monthly Archives: November 2008

Schlage LiNK by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies is a leading global provider of products and services that make environments safe, secure and productive. The Schlage LiNK System from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies utilizes a web-based design to allow users to unlock doors using a mobile phone or computer. The first and only wireless-controlled and Z-wave gives you power to control and enables you to door lock your homes and keep your home safe from intruders. It provides you a home automation 24/7. You can unlock your home doors to your family, friends or to anyone you wish to let inside remotely. No need to look for keys inside your bags.

Bluetooth Spy Software for your Mobile Phone

If you are suspicious of something regarding the person concern, well do need to worry. The Ultimate Bluetooth Spy helps you to spy on other mobile phones. It allows you to find out whether the person you are spying is guilty or not. With this latest technology, it will allow you to spy on any Bluetooth enabled device, mobile phone or laptop for it gives you access to view the targeted person’s phone, a complete power domination on anyone’s phone. It is very safety; it leaves no trace or logging of your phone’s details on the targeted phone. No one will suspect you on your spying activities.

Barack Obama is the newly elected president

Who could have thought that the election looks like a landslide for Barack Obama as he won the 2008 presidential election over John McCain. Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania went all to Obama which are the states that McCain is trying to win to steal the election.

It’s time for a change as the economy went down under the Bush administration. We need a fresh leadership from the Democratic Party.