Monthly Archives: December 2008

Kingston Data Traveler Year of the Ox

The Kingston Technology Company has now launched the data-Traveler Year of the Ox Limited Edition available in 4GB and 8GB
this Chinese holiday season. So, if you are born under the Year of the Ox grab one now because it is only limited in supply and it is said to bring good fortune to consumers in this auspicious year, 2009. I hope they would produce a Data Traveler Year of the Monkey so I can avail one under my Chinese Zodiac. I heard that they have produced a Data Traveler of the Year of the Pig and Rat edition over the past years and consumers love it.

Chinavasion’s plug-in MP4 player

A new MP4 player for your car is now available in the market. Chinavasion’s Plug-in Car MP4 Player with LCD and 4GB of memory into a device that plugs neatly into your car’s cigarette adapter, and an inclusion of an FM transmitter means that you won’t even need to bring your own DAP to get tunes flowing in the car and you can enjoy your sounds smoothly even if your traveling. Moreover, the SD card slot enables even more jams to be loaded on it you’re embarking on a serious road trip, and the USB socket makes PC-to- watchamacallit transfers a cinch.