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Watch Super Bowl 43 Commercials / Super Bowl 43 Ads

Watch Super Bowl 43 Commercials on February 1, 2009. Everything is set for the Super Bowl 43. The Cardinals vs Steelers. The question is: Are you Ready?

One of the spectacles in the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl 43 Commercials / Super Bowl 43 Ads. Yes, most of these commercials are so funny that it etch to the minds of the viewers. Also, these commercials are so expensive yet the advertisers are still willing to pay.

Let us enjoy the Super Bowl 43 Commercials / Super Bowl 43 Ads. The whole world will be watching which ones has the great impact to the consumers. Let’s watch Super Bowl 43 Commercials / Super Bowl 43 Ads.

Do you have Nokia 5800?

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Watch Eagles vs Cardinals live online stream

Which team are you picking today? I will watch the Eagles vs Cardinals game live online stream few hours from now. This is a game which both of the teams have nothing to lose. They made it farther than they expected as nobody has predicted them to be here.

The Philadelphia Eagles are on the streak on offense and defense. They have the defensive scheme to sack Kurt Warner. I am routing for the Eagles though if the Cardinals win, it would be because of Warner.

Let’s just watch Eagles vs Cardinals live online stream today at 3PM E.T.

Obama lobbies for the second half of the $700 billion bailout

The economy has not recovered yet despite of the $700 billion bailout last year by the Bush administration. The President-elect Barack Obama will inherit this mess and his aides are lobbying to release the second half of the Treasury’s $700 billion.

I believe that this will now be easy to do for the Senate is controlled by the Democrats. They can ask for a formal request for the $350 billion to be made by President Bush.

Is this bailout really going to alleviate the problem of our economy or it is just a temporary patch of the hole of the bigger problem beyond the financial experts?

President Bush rejected Israel’s request

bushIt’s amazing to find out that Israel requested the Bush administration for sophisticated, deep-penetration bombs to attack Iran’s underground nuclear enrichment facilities yet President George W. Bush rejected it last year. I believe it was a wise decision on the government’s behalf.

Actually last year, I was expecting the United States to blow up Iran’s nuclear facilities. It didn’t happen. The United States and Israel consider Iran as a major threat in the Middle East. Iran will always be an enemy of Israel for the Islamic Republic always insist to annihilate the State of Israel.