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Reasons why the costs of certified organic products remain higher

Human are really sometimes hard to understand. Sometimes even if we already know that some things are already harmful to us we still continue to do them or use them. Same thing goes with organic clothes. We know that using pesticides and unnatural dyes are bad for us and yet we continue to use them. I myself is guilty here, I used non-organic items because organic clothes are not common and accessible in our place. It would be too expensive for me to order them and I do not have the budget.

But it is good to know that more and more people are choosing organic products especially baby clothing and toxic free baby bedding. Yet much more is to be done to make this world a clean and green place to live in.

Here are some reasons why organic products like organic clothing for babies are expensive, when if fact they are more beneficial even for adults.

According to my research, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) says that while prices have been declining, there are reasons the costs of certified organic products remain higher than conventional products.

* limited supply as compared to demand
* greater labor and transportation costs per unit produced
* the smaller number of units involved also means marketing and distribution costs

Which only means that if the number of consumers of organic products will increase, manufacturers can reduce the price of their items, then why is it so difficult to do. Well, it is really hard to explain, but still I am hopeful that someday, only certified organic items are sold in the market.