Monthly Archives: April 2009

Kentucky Derby 2009 Replay

So much is at stake in this Tripple Crown first leg which is so popular, Kentucky Derby 2009. Everybody are now positioning themselves to watch the shortest yet the biggest horse race in the world. Yet many of you have missed the 2 minute Kentucky Derby 2009 Replay Video.

This year’s Kentucky Derby 2009 favorite in odds is “Revenge”. 11/4 favorite for all the Kentucky Derby lovers. This will be on May 2, 2009. Millions will be tuning up again in this Kentucky Derby Telecast. Relax and wait for the heart pumping actions. Will there be an upset?

I believe that you will enjoy the Kentucky Derby 2009 Replay and that you will watch just as it is live!

JIL Pangasinan

JIL Pangasinan 25th Year Anniversary! The JIL Pangasinan will celebrate its silver anniversary this month of May. It is so wonderful to go here because it will be on CSI STadia Dagupan. Of course Brother Eddie Villanueva will be the guest of honor. Let us join the JIL Pangasinan in this celebration.

Utah web design

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