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Junior Seau Dead: What happened?

Junior Seau Dead: What happened?

Unfulfilled dream, not winning a Super Bowl with Patriots? It’s in the news today that former NFL linebacker Junior Seau is found dead at his at his Oceanside, Calif., home. As According to ABC News the NFL star died of a self “inflicted gunshot wound to the chest this morning”.

What a stunning news to all the people who loved Junior Seau whatever NFL team he was. He was one of the few players in the NFL who played for at least 20 years. He was a star in his prime with the Chargers when he was picked at fifth overall in 1990. Even when he was in highschool, he already was a star who created his image as one of the best football players in Oceanside.

Seau was active in that 2008 Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. His intensity couldn’t be match by any player at his age. All the friends and admirers of Seau may have been surprised by what happened to his life. In 2010, Seau survived a 30-foot plunge in his SUV off a cliff in Carlsbad. Hours earlier, he had been arrested on suspicion of assaulting his 25-year-old girlfriend at his home. He was not charged in the incident.

Seau is the eighth member of the 1994 Chargers, who reached the Super Bowl and lost to the San Francisco 49ers, to die at a young age. His endurance in sports will always be remembered but taking his life will not ultimately bring joy to his loved ones. Seau played in USC when he was in college. He performed well as a Trojan that he made his name floating on top of the 1990 NFL draft.

Mayweather vs Cotto Results

Mayweather vs Cotto Results

Mayweather vs Cotto results. Who will be the winner of the biggest fight of the year Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Miguel Cotto? With all the news surrounding the fight, Mayweather still is the favorite to win the May 5, 2012 boxing fight in Las Vegas.

Mayweather vs. Cotto – Why Mayweather will win the match

The Floyd Mayweather is the professional boxer. The Mayweather is the 5 allotment champion of the world, wherever he has wins 7 titles of the world, and the lineal finals in 3 different mass classes. He is the 2 time Fighter of the Year, in The Ring winning the prize in the year 1998 and the year 2007 as well as even wins the BWAA which means the Boxing Writers Association of America. The Fighter of the Year prize he got in the year 2007. He is unbeatable because of the professional boxer. Near the beginning in the professional career, the Mayweather established the praise from the entire corners of the world of boxing world and was hyped because the reckless pugilist.

In spite of, the unbeatable thirty five year old will at rest have the benefit in terms of speed, one which will be obvious extremely early on in the competition. The Floyd has some important benefits in the foot and the speed of the hand. He even obtains the waggle in the fundamentals of the protection. I will provide him the frame as distant as training and the category of the chin. While I provide Miguel the small rim in the power of the punching, I do consider that the Floyd is dishonestly physically powerful. It will be attractive to observe what occurs in case some in the fighting and approaching and pushing take position.

The Cotto is the normal Welterweight

The simply range of the advantage of the Cotto has more than the Mayweather is weight. The Mayweather has the tallness and attain benefit over the Cotto. He has seventy two inch attain evaluated to the sixty seven inch reach of the Cotto. The Cotto is the normal welterweight. He has simply fought 3 fights at the small middleweight. As well as the Mayweather illustrated, that he can obtain the punch from the subordinate middleweight in the fight next to the Oscar De La Hoya. Therefore the Mayweather is not worried regarding the fighting at the junior middleweight over as he overcome the De La Hoya at the similar weight and he was superior than the Cotto. Are you looking for Mayweather vs Cotto results? One reason why Mayweather wins.

Elite Defensive Skills of the Mayweather

The Mayweather closes down the challengers nasty repertoires with the skills of the defensive. Therefore a few fans of the boxing protest that the fights are so tedious to look at. He has the style of the fighting which simply boxing classicists can appreciate. The Cotto will have the very hard time attempting to land physically powerful punches on the Mayweather. He will utilize his outstanding reflexes, movement of the head and skill of the counterpunching to stop the Cotto from receiving into the offensive beat. The Cotto will be one more aggravated boxer which cannot work out how to resolve the impenetrable defense of the Mayweather.

Skill to make the alterations of the Floyd Mayweather

The Mayweather is the chameleon in the ring of the boxing. He is the enormous at the acclimatizing to his style of the opponent. He even stays tranquil at the time he creates the mistakes throughout the fights and learns since them. The Mayweather will capitalize on the flaws of the Cotto. Similarly, he complete the Victor Ortiz disburses for creating the deadly error of taking his eye off his challenger by knocks him out. Boxing IQ of the Mayweather and the ring generalship surpass the Cotto. Therefore the Cotto will be in for the extensive night in the fight next to the Mayweather.

The defense of the Mayweather is very perfect. It will be extremely hard for the Cotto to terrain some good quality shots going on him. The pace and swiftness of the Mayweather will devastate the Cotto. The Cotto be inclined to obtain the caught in the corner masses owing to his middling footwork. The Floyd will be the aggressive combatant and be relevant the force to the Cotto. No one suppose there will be the KO, other than the Mayweather pleasing this fight by some common choice. The pace and rapidity of the Mayweather will be the major problem for the Cotto. This wonderful fight will be comparable to the fight of Mayweather with the Marquez apart from the Cotto will land some more hits.

The very prime difficulty of the Miguel Cotto will have the fight on the time of night is the truth that he is the transformed southpaw. Additional specially, his control hand, his left side hook, will be his lead of the hand, and not the common rear side hand. The best chance of the Cotto to triumph the battle is to terrain his left side hook, in fastidious his left side hook to body. The Floyd Mayweather is the master at the antithetical lead hand control punchers, like the Oscar De La Hoya, the Shane Mosley, the Ortiz and also the Hatton. Defense of the Floyd is planned to neutralize extensive looping type of punches. In sort for the Miguel to terrain his left side hook, he must be tetragonal up to the Floyd, and in close to the nearness. There is no any other way defensive unit of the Mayweather permits for such a broad wired punch. The simply shots you have seen terrain blush on the Mayweather are camouflaged directly type of punches, from the Judah, the Chop Corley, as well as the Mosley.

The Mayweather is only of the most excellent suspicious fighters of the whole time, the statement that is disputed by the so many expert persons. He only does not obtain strike extremely over and over again. The Pacquaio must be on the peak of his match to terrain very solid, sparkling blows on the nation of the American.

The Mayweather manages most of the fights with his quick jab as well as the straight right side hand. It takes separately the Mosley, the Hatton and the Marquez, and would reason very serious troubles for the Pacquiao, who is not very tricky to punch. Mayweather vs Cotto results will be available here.