Mayweather vs Cotto Start Time

Mayweather vs Cotto Start Time

Arguably the biggest boxing event in 2012. Floyd Mayweather Jr. decided to face Miguel Cotto on May 5, 2012 in what is the biggest draw in boxing history. Mayweather may be courageous enough to call the other boxing named Manny Pacquiao but he was not able to make the deal for him. Though millions of boxing fans want Mayweather to fight the Filipino boxer.

Mayweather’s eyes are now set to destroy the bigger Cotoo whom Pacquiao defeated two years ago. It will still be an interesting boxing fight because Mayweather’s undefeated record is on the line. However, many believe that Mayweather has all the advantage in the world yet Cotto disagreed about the thoughts of being the underdog.

When is the Mayweather vs Cotto Start Time? Still a alot of people are looking for the best possible way to watch the fight. Many want to go to MGM Grand to see it live while others prefer to have it on Pay Per View. Mayweather vs Cotto start time is at 9:00 ET / 6:00 PT. Still unknown if Mayweather will pull of one of his dirty tricks again just like the way he took advantage of Victor Ortiz taking a shot on him while he was unguarded.

Mayweather vs Cotto will be a fight of the year that will feature the aggressive Mayweather and the rising Cotto. After failing to beat Pacquiao, Cotto is back winning his matches the he is able to have an opportunity to meet the undefeated boxer in the world.

For Mayweather, it is about taking control of the fight from round one bell into the deepest rounds that Cotto can survive. Though Cotto guarantees the he will provide the greatest upset in the history of boxing, Mayweather will be using his speed and agility to succumb Cotto. Mayweather’s preparation for this fight is better far from last year that he has to be in jail at the end of the month.

With long reach, Cotto will try to use his jabs on Mayweather’s weaker side. Cotto also will adjust on his speed so that he can accommodate and counter the speed of Mayweather.

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